Friday, July 30, 2010

Just finished a couple of dolls and thought I'd share with you all.  This first one is a doll that is a design of mine, she's dressed in a blue dress with Noah's Ark on it.  The second doll is one that will go on sale on Monday as part of our  Autumn Celebration at Old Farmhouse Gathering.  She is a design by Sweet Meadows Farm.
The other items for our celebration are a pumpkin with florals on it and a picture of a scarecrow that I painted that is designed by Renee Mullins, but I think I'll keep that as a surprise for Monday.
I was sent this picture of one of the dolls I made for a dear customer.  She had ordered it for her daughter who was expecting a child.  She has earned the honor of sitting in the rocker in the nursery, at least til the child gets big enough to use it.  I think she looks lovely there, don't you think?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I HATE ants!!!!  For the last two weeks I've put my battle fatigues on and battled with ants.  I sprayed my yard and foundations with pesticides that were supposed to kill those little buggers.  Sprayed the inside just to have them back again, and they show up in the darnest places.  I got my iron out to press some muslin, turned it on and out came a borage of ants from the steam vent. Ugh! Killed them all with the steam only to take my iron out again today and yep there they were again.  And this is after we had to enlist an exterminator.  He said to give it a week for them to be all gone and if they returned we'd explore other alternatives.  So needless to say I didn't get much done.  I will have some pictures up tomorrow of what I did get done.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been real busy sewing and painting and filling orders.  Just finished two dolls.  The first one is from The Olde Country Cupboard.  It features lambs wool hair that has been needle felted in head and embroidered facial features.  She is dressed in an Americana dress with apron and is wearing muslin pantaloons.  She comes with her star and tag.

Next is a design from Sweet Meadows Farm.  I just love how she turned out.  She is wearing a pink dress with white daisies and is carrying a pinwheel.  Her eyes are painted and all the other features are embroidered.

I also managed two finish these two ornaments.  Was waiting on ribbon and wire.

Have ten more dolls in the process of various stages so I better get back to sewing.  will post again when I  get them done.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Christmas in July

Come see what is on sale!  Artfire is hosting twelve days of Christmas sale starting July 12th-25th.  I opened my Artfire for expressly to sell my jewelry but I decided to put my Etsy items over there too.  I mean I'm paying a monthly fee so I might as well use it.  You can find my items by searching "EntchantedGemGarden" or use this link to go to my shop.
All Christmas items have been discounted by 20%.  This sale is only good for Artfire, if you purchase my items from Etsy the sale does not apply.  I will be running a sale on Etsy nearer to Christmas.  So don't forget the date and go over to Arfire and check us out.

Artfire will be running three contest to help promote the TDOCIJ sale on ArtFire. One that uses twitter, one that uses facebook, and one for bloggers. Here are the basic descriptions for each one. Because contests have to have specific language and rules these are NOT the official descriptions/rules. They have been written and will be posted separately very soon.

•The twitter contest will give away four $25 shopping sprees. Winners will be selected at random from a pool of people who RT a message from our @ArtFire account promoting the TDOCIJ trend page. Specific dates will be available in the forum topic created for this contest. The $25 shopping spree must be used for product(s) in the CIJ trend page.

•The facebook contest will give away two $50 shopping sprees. Winners will be selected at random from all of the people who "like" the CIJ trend page. There will be a facebook "like" button on the page very soon. The $50 shopping spree must be used for product(s) in the CIJ trend page.

•The blog contest will give away one $100 prize. The winner will be selected at random from all of the people who create a new blog post, feature product(s) from the CIJ trend page, and link to the CIJ trend page on ArtFire. These specifics will be in the forum post for the contest. The $100 prize must be used for product(s) in the CIJ trend page.