Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Too HOT!!!!!!!!!

Well here I sit in triple digit weather for the past week and yearning for the cooler Fall weather of October. The hills in So Ca. have been on fire for the past week adding to the discomfort. I sure do appreciate what the fireman do, risking their lives and all, but it amazes me how they can put up being near a fire when its 106 degrees and they have to carry 60 pounds of equipment on their backs. I salute every one of them.

I haven't felt like painting this week because of the heat but I did manage to sew two new purses and a flower pin cushion with a scrapbag attached. I received my order of some Amy Butler material so look for some new purses! I love working with colors and textures material has to offer.
Well it's getting late so it's off to bed for me. Tommorow's another day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Loving Memory of Bandit

Didn't get much done last night or today. My daughter's dog of 11 years past away at 2:00 p. m. as she was on her way to take her to the vet. She will be sadly missed as she was a good dog.

Monday, August 17, 2009


As promised I have my pictures for what I did this weekend. The butterfly welcome sign is for my Grandson Joe and his new wife. I'm just having a tough time deciding what kind of lettering I want to use and the color. Next is a new tote bag that I finished for Halloween. I just fell in love the way these witches looked. And last is a Santa sleigh designed by Renee Mullins handpainted by me. I do a lot of Renee's designs, she is so talented. You can see all of my items on Etsy. There is a box on the right that will lead you right to my site.

Still Trying to Figure This All Out

and I'm still confused, will have to get some of my sisters at OFG to help me out. I was busy this weekend finishing up a project for my Grandson who is in the Marines. He just got married and wanted me to make him a welcome sign for his new home. She wanted buterflies and the color turquoise so I used one of Renee Mullin's designs and changed the colors. Still trying to decide what colors to make the lettering. I will post pictures soon. Have to recharge my camera battery. Also, I finished a Christmas project of Santa and Rudolph. Working on several more for the holidays just have to put on the finishing touches.
Well here's my Santa with Rudolph. I wanted the picture to be below my message but it pasted on top. Still learning, sheesh...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Blog's Launch

Well, I'll try this again. I'm new to all this and I wrote my first post and went to preview it and lost all that I wrote. So this will be short (tired of typing) and not sure my brain will let me think that long. Just kidding. Anyway, I create many various crafts and I wanted a way I could share my accomplishment with my friends and family. I hope you will bare with me while I learn the ins and outs of blogging. Well at least I finally got my header to fit within the margins. Got to go, my house finally needs my attention. I planned on washing my walls today so I can paint my living room and dining room in near future but here I sit, so I guess I better get to it. Have a nice day.