Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Too HOT!!!!!!!!!

Well here I sit in triple digit weather for the past week and yearning for the cooler Fall weather of October. The hills in So Ca. have been on fire for the past week adding to the discomfort. I sure do appreciate what the fireman do, risking their lives and all, but it amazes me how they can put up being near a fire when its 106 degrees and they have to carry 60 pounds of equipment on their backs. I salute every one of them.

I haven't felt like painting this week because of the heat but I did manage to sew two new purses and a flower pin cushion with a scrapbag attached. I received my order of some Amy Butler material so look for some new purses! I love working with colors and textures material has to offer.
Well it's getting late so it's off to bed for me. Tommorow's another day!


  1. I like to make purses once in a while and have made some cute ones for my Daughter but I really love colorful and neat designs,,I do a lot of Market bags (much faster to make)and kind of fun. I am also addicted to making pin cushions and hand made soap. I just got my blog updated and have my selling blog up but only a few things in it. I also have a cheapie web site but am not to crazy about it. I will celebrate by having a give away as soon as I get more items listed in my blog..stop by and visit my blog .
    I am sooooo sorry for the loss of your dog..I know how sad it is when we loose a pet because they are so loyal. I have 4 dogs and pictures of them in my blog...I will put a link to your nice blog in mine and if you like mine maybe you can do the same :)

  2. I like very much painting, my english is very bad, I speak spanish but I try to write... Your works is beautiful!! I love design to Renne Mullins too. Hugs from Argentina