Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I HATE ants!!!!  For the last two weeks I've put my battle fatigues on and battled with ants.  I sprayed my yard and foundations with pesticides that were supposed to kill those little buggers.  Sprayed the inside just to have them back again, and they show up in the darnest places.  I got my iron out to press some muslin, turned it on and out came a borage of ants from the steam vent. Ugh! Killed them all with the steam only to take my iron out again today and yep there they were again.  And this is after we had to enlist an exterminator.  He said to give it a week for them to be all gone and if they returned we'd explore other alternatives.  So needless to say I didn't get much done.  I will have some pictures up tomorrow of what I did get done.


  1. How frustrating those little buggers are! Hopefully, they'll be gone soon!

  2. Sprinkling cornmeal around the foundation outside and in areas you find them until they are gone helps if you want to go takes a while as they carry it back home...but never return...MOI-HA-HAAAH!! Good luck~*~Lisa