Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look what I got!!!

It's  been awhile since I received my swap from Natalie but my camera was acting up but now it's fixed and I can share what I received.  I got a Levi pocket filled with two bunnies, a package of Peeps (Yum), the cutest of shelf bunny in blues.  I also received some little note cards, some page markers and some foaming hand wash.  Thanks Natalie for a fun swap!

I also mentioned that I rescued a puppy from the streets and that I would post some pictures but the ones I took when she was new didn't turn out because of my camera acting up so here is one of him lying beside my 3year old dog.  We named him Max (he is the tan dog)  I don't know what kind of dog he is and I don't know what I was thinking about when I picked him up.  I've had the privilage of being surprised by a snail in my house on the carpet (had to wash carpet before Easter beause of the trail of slime that was left behind), all sizes of stones and tree limbs in my house and the best just happened two days ago (when the winds were blowing real bad) was two dead baby birds.  What was I thinking!!!!  But he is so cute, you just got to love him.

Well I need to work on some dolls today.  Sold all my dolls on Ebay yesterday so I better get busy.

Have a blessed day~Charlene


  1. The little shelf bunny is so sweet! You are sweet for rescuing Max-it looks like your "top dog" has taken him under his Yes..they can be gross..but full of love! ~*~Lisa

  2. Hi Charlene:) Neat gifts you Natalie. She's good at whippin' up those cute lil creations of hers.
    Bless your heart for rescuing the puppy. One of my cats toted in a snail before, but the snail was stuck in its' fur...eeeww. I always watch out for ticks too as they are great tick taxis:)

  3. Good Morning, Charlene,
    I'm so glad the package reached you safely and that my bunnies have gone to a good home!

    The puppy is adorable...I'm sure he thinks he has died and gone to heaven there with you.

    Have a Happy Hump Day ~Natalie

  4. What a cute little puppy. I'd rescue him too:)