Monday, January 17, 2011

Public Enemy #1

Well it started out as a nice weekend until my dog bit a child riding on his bike yesterday evening.  Dixe has never bitten anyone before, but decided to yesterday.  As I was trying to get my daughter in the door she dodged out, I thought she was going to greet my husband and daughter(who had driven in behind me) when she turned and proceeded to chase the boy on bike.  It was a puncture wound so the parents  came over and told me they were going to take him to the doctors and if I would cover the costs.  I told them that Dixie has had all her shots  and if they thought it was warranted to go ahead and I would pay for the meds, if he was put on any.  The father took it wrong and accused me of not being concerned for his son and then he commented "that if I wasn't willing to pay for visit then maybe he should call the police and report it."
Well to make a long story short the policeman came and wanted to know what happened, documented it and took a mug shot of my dog.
I don't know what is going to happen next but I'm sure I'll be fined, my husband threatened to get rid of the dog, so who knows what will happen next.
I haven't heard from the parents, the policeman said it was mostly superficial wound with one puncture so we'll see if they come by or maybe I'll try to find the boy who lives on the next street over and see how he is doing.


  1. I take it, he won't even give a hint, as to why he decided a nip was the thing to do. I wouldn't go near the child, you did what was appropriate.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'm sure he'll be riding his bike around my neighborhood again and I'll ask hime then.

  3. I am so very sorry this happened. I wouldn't get rid of my dog unless he visciously tore the boys leg wide open...then I think you just could not keep him/her.
    IT is one of those things if you ask, you loose and if you don't ask you loose....thank goodness your dog had all his shots and everything...I would think the only thing you could even get a ticket for is a dog running at large...and it was not a purposeful running at it would probably be a dog not on a leash.
    Thank goodness the policeman documented what the wound looked like
    People always ask when we go to an event and our schnauzer is on a leash...does your dog bite....he has never even snapped at someone but please don't pet him because I don't know with the confusion, he might bite, and I don't want him to be a marked dog." i am shocked at people who just let their toddlers run up and grab a dog in the face.
    well, let us know what happens...I will put the situation on my prayer list
    Try to Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  4. Oh, gosh..just saw your post and I can surely empathize! It's every dog-owners nightmare. We have two BIG dogs, one we show, and even with all the socialization we've done with them they still are dogs and you just never know what they might do. And the parent's reaction is unfortunately not uncommon..ughh! Hope things turn out ok for you and your pup.